A 3some Dating

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In the hot summer, some exciting and fun things to be needed when my wife and I were tired of the world of two. One day, a spam appeared in my facebook, I didn't mind until my wife told me that she was tired of having sex with two. I had to admit that sometimes I couldn't meet her. Therefore I told her why we can't try a 3some dating? She gotta the idea because of open-wide mind. So we fond a partner on a 3some website, and he was named Mathew Williams, 27 years old from Los Angeles, he is a strong man from the photo .

We picked a nice weekend, dating on Venice beach. Then we couple have booked the hotel near the beach in advance. This morning the wife put on the most sexy gift, to set off my wife's slim figure and surprised me suddendly. I praised wife for being so beautiful and sexy. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop not far from the beach. At nine o'clock, a strong man in a casual white shirt and beach pants appeared before my wife and me. After a few pleasantries we beagan to talk about some of our preferences, jobs, and personal situations. We known from his words that he has divorced his ex-wife because he often works overtime and can't back to home, he regretted it very much, but too late.

Therefore he decided to quit his job from then on, and doing some differet than before. while the time he known the 3some dating website from the sical software and try to do it. We all are lucky and thank god. During the talk, I known that the man has got a lot of libido when he caught a glimpse of my wife's sexy figure. At this moment I was very excited too, to imagine how my wife would be conquered by two strong men and make a comfortable groan. Back to hotel, we started talking about sex with the thrill of whiskey, gradually we shed our clothes and kissed on the bed of broad lace trim. Two hours later, the three of us ran toward the climax, with a happy smile on my wife's face. When we are tire, we have a feeling of argasms, and drifting into our dreams.

After the 3some dating, my wife and I became better. Occasionally we invite Mathew to our party for a good weekend.